Doors and windows adapted for a Quebec climate.

Steel entrance doors

Door configurations

Steel entrance door construction

  • The steel door's interior is filled with insulation foam.
  • The door's frame is made from a jointed 1½ inches pine wood contour.
  • There are two weatherstrippings: one is magnetic and the other is rubber.
  • The interior of the wood frame is covered with PVC.
  • The bottom of the door is made of wood with anodized aluminum and has a thermo break.
  • The four corners of the frame are screwed together and have silicone to eliminate any possibility of water infiltration.
  • All the holes in the door are made with the use of a specialty machine which allows for a perfect cut. As a result, the window and handle fit perfectly, maximizing the door's insulation and aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few examples of Steel entrance doors that you can purchase and customize at DV Aluminium & PVC.

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